Personalized videos


A real game-changer in the customer relationship. Idomoo is an award-winning, proprietary platform that allows the most comprehensive video personalization. By integrating CRM or lead-generation campaign data into a cinematic quality video output according to a set creative combination, Idomoo empowers highly performing customer-centric projects for stunning conversion results.


The Digital Project is Idomoo’s authorized partner in Italy. Its focus is 360° design thinking and end-to-end project execution based on the personalized video technology: ideation, activity management, video production, code integration. A collaboration stemming from the mutual will to innovate by providing clients with cutting-edge and effective answers to their demands.


If it’s true that a video speaks better than a thousand words, what about one speaking straight to the recipient? Put in place the best digital video strategy. Engage your customers at each and every point in the journey with conversion rates 10x above generic standard tools. Design with our help the most effective call-to-action for each of your target cluster and connect them in real-time and via social media as well.
One to One Performing Communication
Inspire customers with stunning videos that create emotional, memorable experiences
Make it personal gain your customers' attention with content that matters to them
Increase loyalty
by building personal relationships that drive real retention and customer satisfaction
Fuel ROI boost acquisition and drive retention with profound customer interactions

Personalized storytelling

  • Creative
  • Dynamic
  • Real Time
  • Measurable
  • Scalable
  • Multichannel

idomoo award winning technology


Fancy building  a personalized
for your brand?